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I was born and raised in communist China. When the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations broke out in China, I was a student in the United States. Watching journalists at CBS, CNN, and others covering the events live in Tiananmen Square, I was greatly moved by American media’s courage in supporting the Chinese people’s fight for freedom and in covering the truth. However, I soon realized the truth didn’t always reach China. After working in the financial services industry for over a decade, and concerned about the 1.3 billion Chinese people’s lack of access to uncensored information, I quit my job in finance and worked for independent media companies specializing in bringing uncensored information into and out of China. During that period, I witnessed how much influence the CCP has in the United States, particularly among the elites, and how most Americans are unaware of the CCP’s infiltration.

About Lei's Real Talk

In 2020, the world succumbed to a virus from Wuhan and people suddenly woke up to realize the harm that the CCP had caused. But the world we live in had already changed. I never imagined that America would one day be plagued by censorship and misinformation. A family member said to me, “If America becomes like communist China, we’ll have nowhere to go.” I decided to start Lei’s Real Talk. With my Chinese background and experience in censorship, media, and finance, I offer a fresh perspective in analyzing and interpreting political and economic events concerning China. I believe that wisdom favors the kind, and courage befalls the selfless. Those values have guided me through each step in creating Lei’s Real Talk.

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I work with a small, dedicated team. Chris has been my video editor since day one, taking care of most of the production. I couldn’t have done it without him. Two friends have been proofreading and editing scripts for me as volunteers for years, and another friend volunteers to help with marketing. With help from viewers who have given me suggestions, I put in, on average, nearly 60 hours a week for my channel.

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Because YouTube and other social media platforms censor topics and sometimes shadow-ban our videos, we’re limited in our ability to earn revenue. Your donations are a big part of our income. It is also a token of encouragement, and we appreciate any amount. Please consider monthly contributions. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
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